Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Superb Tooling, Inc. carries a large variety of hand tools for all applications including pliers, screwdrivers, vice grips, hammers, tape measures, C-clamps and bar clamps.

Pliers, vice grips, bar clamps, tap & die sets and Allen wrench sets

Pliers, Vice Grips, Bar Clamps, Tap & Die Sets and Allen Wrench Sets

Superb Tooling, Inc. carries a large selection of vice grips including but not limited to locking pliers, locking wrenches, Allen wrench sets, locking c-clamps, locking specialty tools, adjustable wrenches, wire strippers, pipe wrenches, bar clamps, tin snips and tap & die sets.

Hand saws / Knives

Hand Saws / Knives

Superb Tooling, Inc. carries a large selection of hand saws and knives from carpenter saws, coping saws to utility knives, hobby knives, and edge band trimmers. Blades are also in stock for replacement of dull knives.

Measuring Tools

Measuring Tools

Superb Tooling, Inc. offers a wide selection of measuring tools including a large selection of tape measures, calibers, steel rulers, angle finders, depth gauges, levels, squares, chalk reels, marking crayons and markers.

Air guns / hoses

Air Guns / Hoses

Superb Tooling, Inc. carries OSHA approved air guns as well as coil and rubber hoses and a large selection of air couplings and fittings for most industrial applications.

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