Feeder Wheels

Feeder Wheels

Superb Tooling, Inc. can get any feeder wheel a customer needs.

Superb Tooling sells new feed rollers or can sharpen steel feed rollers for molders as well as sell new or recoat urethane feeder wheels for molders and power feeders.

Urethane & Rubber coated feeder wheels

Urethane & Rubber Coated Feeder Wheels

Feeder wheels are available for Weinig, Mattison, Dieht, Wadking and more. Existing feeder wheels can be recoated. Also slip on rings for some hubs if recoating is not preferred.

Custom recoating of feed rollers/wheels

Custom Recoating of Feed Rollers/Wheels

Superb Tooling, Inc. can have many different types of feed rollers and wheels recoated with the desired durometer to fit each application.

Steel feed wheels

Steel Feed Wheels

Superb Tooling, Inc. can sharpen steel feed wheels for molders as well as provide new ones for customer's specific molders.

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